Local Organizations

Later this year, NGLA will announce programming designed to meet the unique needs of local organization members for the 2022 NGLA Annual Conference.


2020 NGLA Annual Conference Programs

Educational sessions designed to meet the unique needs of local organizations. This institute is focused on discussing strategies for sustainable success. 

No, You're Out of Order! Staying Accountable presented by Michael Ayalon

Are you having trouble keeping your chapter accountable for their actions? Do you have basic confrontation and conflict resolution skills? We must have the ability to self-govern if we want to end the cycle of problems within our chapters.The goal here is not to punish our members, but instead to create positive changes in behavior through peer accountability, maintain the chapter's high standards, educate our members, and promote the development of a strong, close-knit chapter. This helps us avoid uncomfortable interventions for other external authorities, such as the University, Headquarters, or local alumni.

MRIHA & Marketing: The Growth System for Culturally-Based Orgs & Local Chapters presented by Hailey Mangrum & Jason Allen

#MRIHA (pronounced mer-ee-ha) is about as simple of a model as you can get. Those letters stand for five simple steps that are designed to help culturally-based AND local fraternities and sororities break free of the models used by other councils, and push forward with a system of growth that truly helps. The current incoming student marketing has an ever-increasing demand for experiences like ours, and we need to be ready to deliver the life-changing gift of membership to those incoming students that deserve and desire it.

Recruit with Purpose: Strategies for Successful Fraternity Recruitment presented by Austin Arias

Now more than ever, you need quality members to help your organization succeed and grow. But, honestly, you feel you are still not hitting the mark. Your numbers are down or you are not gaining the members who can continue your legacy and add value to your organization. Let's assess what you are doing, reframing each action into a best practice. It is time to build events that actually integrate values, turn around your approach by building actual connection through conversation and create a community buy-in to growth. There is so we can do together. Learn how to build an actual comprehensive STRATEGY you can use to find those ready for brotherhood.

Handsigns, Stepping, and all those Shrieks. What's It All About? presented by Michelle Guobadia

This session is for the well intentioned but uninformed!It's time Panhellenic, IFC and cultural Greek members come together to dispel myths and learn about the "other" members of the Greek community. What is intake? Why do they have numbers on the back of their shirts?And what's up with those colors, shrieks, and hand signs anyway? Come learn and ask all the questions you have been itching to. This session is only for IFC/Panhellenic members and advisors who wish to truly understand what it means to be inclusive when it comes to your Greek community!