2024 NGLA Lectorials on R.A.C.E.

Our Lectorials on R.A.C.E. program is a series of lectorials focused on Racism, Anti-Blackness, Colorism, and Equity.

A lectorial is a large-scale educational program that:

  • is underpinned by active student-centered learning,
  • utilizes inquiry-based and adult learning as methodologies of teaching and learning, and
  • involves collaborative and interactive activities in place of traditional didactic lectures and tutorials.

The program format is approximately 40 minutes of content, 40 minutes of facilitated breakouts, and 10 minutes for closing. The breakouts will include reflection exercises, peer-to-peer interaction, etc., and will be facilitated by professionals.

The Lectorials on R.A.C.E. is on Friday, February 23 at 3:45pm ET.


Racism  |  Perception Unveiled: What You See Is Not What You Always Get
presented by Robert C. Webb, M.S. and LaShatá Grayson

In a world flooded with information and stimuli, the human mind often relies on quick judgments and initial perceptions to navigate through daily life. However, these snap judgments can often lead to misunderstandings, biases, and missed opportunities. In our program, we will facilitate thought-provoking discussions on the impact of racism, the perils of judging a book by its cover, the subtleties of microaggressions, and the intricacies of colorism. Through real-life examples and personal narratives, we will work together to foster understanding and empathy, providing a valuable opportunity for learning, growth, and contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society. Join us for an engaging and enlightening experience!

Presenter Biography - Robert C. Webb, M.S.

Robert Webb, is the CEO of By Law Consulting. A native of Texarkana, AR, he obtained a Bachelor of General Studies from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and a Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University.

As the CEO of By Law Consulting, Rob is dedicated to fostering leadership, DEIB training, and cultural awareness. Rob is also the Director of Membership for Pi Sigma Epsilon, where he spearheads initiatives in recruitment, engagement, and retention, nurturing a vibrant and cohesive fraternity community.

Over a span of more than a decade, Rob has dedicated his career to working with fraternities and sororities across the United States. He has established himself as an authority in leadership development and the art of motivating others. He's a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Pi Sigma Epsilon.

Rob currently resides in, San Antonio, TX, with his beautiful wife Valerie. Rob is also proud father. In his free time, Rob enjoys reading, music, and playing softball, holding firm to the values of lifelong learning and the pursuit of happiness.


Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Robert Law Webb
Instagram: @MrByLaw
LinkedIn: /RobertC.WebbM.S.

Presenter Biography - 
LaShatá Grayson

LaShatá Marie Grayson is a passionate advocate driven by a singular purpose: guiding multifaceted individuals towards their most exceptional selves. Whether through the realm of physical fitness, the art of self-reflection, or the nurturing of inclusive communities, LaShatá's impact knows no bounds. She is a beacon of inspiration, an influential leader and a sought-after speaker whose resonance is most profound among leaders.

LaShatá is an accomplished Educational Consultant and the Owner and Founder of Carrying The Weight, an educational wellness firm dedicated to ensuring the holistic well-being of leaders. LaShatá shines as a learning development strategist and a catalyst for profound cultural transformation. With over a decade of experience spanning the spectrum from primary education to the hallowed halls of academia, LaShatá has honed her expertise in leadership development, tirelessly advocating for diversity and inclusion at middle management echelons, and fostering climates of positive change. 

Since 2017, LaShatá has been unwavering in her dedication to empowering leaders to unlock their true potential and challenging the very systems of oppression that seek to confine them. Her captivating speeches and consulting services have touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals annually, transcending boundaries across universities, nonprofits, and the corporate realm. LaShatá's relentless commitment to championing underrepresented students and confronting systemic inequalities within education has earned her numerous accolades.

 She stands tall as the recipient of the prestigious Excellence in Advocacy Award and the Community Involvement Award from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Additionally, her exceptional contributions were acknowledged with the Dawn M. Rhodes Community Engagement Award from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. 

At the core of LaShatá's work lies an unwavering dedication to serving Black students and managers. Her mission is rooted in the firm belief that every individual, irrespective of their background, deserves the opportunity to not only survive but thrive and flourish. LaShatá Marie Grayson is not merely a speaker but a beacon of hope and empowerment, illuminating a path towards a more inclusive and enlightened world.


Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @Lashatá Marie
Instagram: @lashata.marie / @_carryingtheweight 
Website: https://www.carryingtheweight.org/


Anti-Blackness  |  Color Blind or Color Black? Anti-Blackness in America
presented by Attorney Rasheed Ali Cromwell

Is it a problem that you see color? Or is it a problem what you associate with the color you see? Both psychologists and sociologists alike state that the first thing a person recognizes is the color of your skin.

Unfortunately, in the United States, the color black has historically been associated with negativity, fear, and complacency. This anti-Blackness campaign was constructed through a series of economic, political, cultural, and educational structures that have permeated American society.

How can Greek leaders address these issues on campus? How do you communicate urgency and significance to this cause for those who are unsympathetic? How do you get your own students and administrators to care? How can you coordinate with your allies, partners and champions for change?

The presenter provides historical narrative, compelling examples, and thought- provoking dialogue that answers these questions and many more. The facilitator blends their legal background as an attorney with Black history, American history and foundational diversity, equity and inclusion principles to take participants on a holistic journey. This engaging journey increases awareness, knowledge and skills as it relates to social justice and advocacy. Utilizing a multi-media platform that includes video clips, historical photos, and virtual interactive activities the facilitator not only inspires but empowers collegiate students to implement best practices and strategies for positive change.


Presenter Biography:

Attorney Rasheed Ali Cromwell is one of the leading authorities on fraternity and sorority life on college campuses. As a proud 4th generation Historically Black College and University (HBCU) graduate, and a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. he utilizes his rich family history, personal/professional experiences, and cultural heritage to bridge gaps, increase understanding and understanding to promote positive change. Through the Harbor Institute, he has presented dynamic keynote speeches, interactive and engaging training sessions, and consulting for thousands of students/ administrators at over 300 colleges/universities in 45 states.

He utilizes his extensive experience as an attorney, consultant and speaker/trainer in the field and expanded his reach by serving as the primary content developer for Brave and Bold Dialogues, a 60 minute diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) e-learning module that has been utilized by over 30,000 college students nationwide. In 2021, the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) awarded the Harbor Institute the Educational Excellence Award for programming. Additionally, Attorney Cromwell was recently awarded the 2023 Jack L. Anson Award (AFA) for assisting in developing partnerships with higher education and the interfraternal community, fostering positive change to advance the fraternal movement, and serving as a role model for students and professionals.


Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @sheedyali / @theharborinstitute
X: @sheedyali and @harborinstitute



Colorism  |  The Complexion For The Connection: The History, Hurt, Hierarchy,
and Hope of Colorism In A Half Century of Hip Hop

presented by Bryant K. Smith

Do you have the right complexion for the right connections? How do you know? “The Complexion For The Connection: The History, Hurt, Hierarchy and Hope of Colorism In A Half Century of Hip Hop”, is a multimedia symposium exploring the history, impact and consequences of colorism. Using the 50th anniversary of hip hop the culture as the contextual background for our discussion this workshop, will bring contemporary examples to help frame the audience's understanding of the issue of colorism. This interactive multidisciplinary symposium will not only explore the history of colorism but will examine its impact on marginalized communities of color.


Presenter Biography:

Bryant K. Smith is President and CEO of Smith Consulting And Networking, a comprehensive speaking, training, and consulting firm specializing in helping people maximize their potential in any situation. He is considered a thought leader on inclusive strategies, personal development and creating equitable employment an educational opportunities and environments. With more than 30 years of experience leading diverse recruitment and retention initiatives for a variety of colleges, universities, and municipalities Bryant is a highly sought after lecturer and workshop facilitator. The author of 10 published books, Bryant is a dynamic trainer and prolific executioner of innovative, life-changing, and thought provoking deliverables that will leave your audience wanting more. When how it is said is just as important as what is said, you want Bryant K. Smith, “Thee Human potential Specialist” to say it.


Email: [email protected]

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Equity  |  Fostering Racial & Religious Inclusion Within Historically Jewish Organizations
presented by Jennifer Turner

This workshop navigates the delicate balance of preserving our rich Jewish heritage while championing diversity and inclusion. We will explore intersectionality, best practices for welcoming Jews of color and those from interfaith backgrounds. We will address recruitment, retention, and crafting an inviting space for potential new members and actives.


Presenter Biography:

Jennifer Turner is currently the Associate Director of Intercultural Student Engagement and Leadership at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Her journey in DEI, Leadership and civic engagement has been marked by notable roles, including NYC Program Director for Avodah - The Jewish Service Corps, where she played a key role in establishing the Jews of Color Bayit.

Before her time with Avodah, Jennifer served as the Student Activities Coordinator at SUNY New Paltz and as the Civic Engagement Coordinator at the University of Bridgeport. At both institutions, she made significant contributions to Fraternity and Sorority Life, emphasizing the importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging in recruitment.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Politics & Religion at the University of Memphis and later earned a master's degree in Counseling for College Student Personnel from the University of Bridgeport. Turner is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., having become a member through the Rho Gamma Chapter at the University of Memphis in the Spring of 2004.

She currently resides in upstate New York with her dog, Zora.