Conference Programs

These special programs will be offered at the 2018 NGLA Annual Conference in addition to the 85+ general educational programs!


Advanced Leadership Summit

Saturday, February 24

Have you previously attended NGLA or a similar leadership experience (ex. UIFI or LeaderShape)? Take your 2018 NGLA Annual Conference experience to the next level by participating in the Advanced Leadership Summit!

The Advanced Leadership Summit provides an opportunity for participants to take what they’ve learned and create a strategy and plan for the work they want to do on their campus and/or in their organization. Participants will leave the session with a plan in hand, feedback from others, a support system, and a way to translate this into life after college as a “grown up.” Come prepared for work that will pay off.

This session is specifically for students who have previously attended NGLA or a similar leadership experience (ex. national leadership institutes, UIFI, or LeaderShape).

To enroll, please sign up for the Advanced Leadership Summit during conference registration and complete this application by Tuesday February 20.


College Panhellenic / IFC Academy

Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23


The Academy will focus on three main areas – (1) helping council officers understand the council’s purpose, (2) officer track programming – nuts and bolts training of how to be effective in the job, and (3) council and community goal setting. There will be officer tracks for both the College Panhellenic Academy and IFC Academy.

Teams of council officers from each campus are encouraged as the academy focuses on developing an action plan for the council and community.

For more information, please visit the FAQ page.

To enroll, please sign up for the College Panhellenic / IFC Academy during conference registration.


Graduate Student Encounter!

Sponsored by ForCollegeForLife

Friday, February 23 and Saturday, February 24


Graduate students are the future of the fraternity/sorority profession, and NGLA is providing new opportunities for them to continue their professional journey. Designed specifically for graduate students, this track of programs will assist graduate students in reflecting on their experiences inside and outside the classroom. Participants will be encouraged to think strategically about their interests, skills, and values, particularly relating to fraternity and sorority life as a profession. Individuals participating will be asked to bring a resume and sign up for a mock interview. 

This program is included in your registration cost as a graduate student.

To enroll, please sign up for the Graduate Student Encounter! during conference registration.

For more information, please contact Kim Monteaux De Freitas.


Local Organization Institute

Friday, February 23


Local fraternities and sororities (i.e. organizations that exist only at their campus) are an important facet of the larger fraternal world. Lacking a national organization for support, these organizations need special attention in order to thrive. The NGLA Local Organization Institute is designed to do just that.

This one-day program during the conference will feature speakers who are local organization alumni and professionals with extensive experience advising local organizations to help the leaders of these organizations be successful. The programs will be interactive and feature topics on organizational improvement and alumni relations.

This program is included in your registration cost.

To enroll, please sign up for the Local Organization Institute during conference registration.


Culturally Based Organization Institute

Friday, February 23


The needs of culturally based Greek letter organizations are unique. From intake to hazing and from risk management to leadership development, this programming will provide a space to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and help you to continue to grow your organization the right way, to become stronger community advocates and help all members succeed. 

The sessions will cover several relevant topics, such as designing intake and recruitment to help organizations grow with members that meet our core principles. We won’t ignore the difficult topics, like hazing and risk management to ensure that all members have a good experience on campus. We will discuss council management, how to work with IFC/Panhellenic/NPHC, and methods to get more support from your institution and fraternity/sorority advisor. 

This program is included in your registration cost.

To enroll, please sign up for the Culturally Based Organization Institute during conference registration.


Advisor Academy

Sponsored by Phi Mu Delta

Saturday, February 24 from 9:00am-4:00pm

NGLA’s award-winning Advisor Academy brings together volunteer, alumni, and faculty advisors and advisory boards from around the region to share best practices and hear from industry leaders on issues affecting higher education and the interfraternal community. All sessions are facilitated by RISE Partnerships.

This year’s registration fee remains $50 and includes the affiliation lunch.

To learn more and enroll, visit the Advisor Academy website.