Northeast Greek Leadership Association Code of Conduct

Last Revised: November 2021

The future of our conference depends on the goodwill we develop with all attendees of NGLA events and our surrounding communities. NGLA takes the conduct of its participants seriously. Participants of NGLA events are expected to respect all attendees, presenters, sponsors, and others supporting the NGLA event. This includes but is not limited to the property where the event is held, the virtual spaces in which participants interact, and the rights of others who may be sharing space with NGLA. Participants are prohibited from recording program content without explicit, written consent of the presenter(s). Additionally, participants may not share their access to event materials with individuals who are not registered participants in the event. Regardless of age or local, state, and federal laws, participants are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, using marijuana, or using other controlled substances at an NGLA event in the designated hotel or conference spaces during an NGLA event. Excessive noise will not be tolerated. For virtual events, out of respect for participants and presenters, NGLA requests that microphones are muted when not engaged in dialogue.

Individuals violating this policy will be asked to leave the event with no refund of fees and will be blocked from accessing virtual and electronic conference materials. In the event of an early departure as a result of violating the Code of Conduct, the institution is responsible for expenses incurred by NGLA. Appropriate college or university officials and inter/national fraternity or sorority staff members will be notified of any Code of Conduct violation.

The Northeast Greek Leadership Association Board of Directors reserves the right to ask a participant, including a sponsor, to leave the event if conduct is deemed inappropriate. NGLA considers inappropriate conduct to include failure to adhere to health and safety requirements established for all participants. The decision shall be final.

Please share any questions or concerns with [email protected].