COMING SOON: 2022 NGLA Keynote Addresses 

Later this year, NGLA will announce our Keynote Addresses for the 2022 NGLA Annual Conference.


2021 NGLA Keynote Addresses

NGLA is thankful for our Keynote Addresses from the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference on February 25 – 28, 2021.

Friday Keynote

Sponsored by Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

‘Unknown' is the New ‘Known'! 
presented by Tina VanSteenbergen

By the time we gather for the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference, we will have spent the better part of a year in a fairly constant state of unknown—it’s our new default setting! What will the semester look like? Unknown! Will we get to bring a line across? Unknown! Will we get to have some of our social events back? Unknown! Is fraternity or sorority even worth it anymore? Known. It might not feel like it every day, but this experience IS worth our time, even in a sea of unknowns. We may not have answers to all the questions, but if we’re able to focus on what really matters about the fraternity and sorority experience, if we can get a little more comfortable with the uncomfortable, then we will be able to help each and every member (and ourselves) rediscover the love and passion for our organizations.

Presenter Biography:

Tina has been serving college students as a professional speaker for the past six years. When on stage her audiences are captivated by her quick wit, addictive charisma, and prowess at hitting salient take home points through an authentic storytelling delivery. Tina speaks to students around North America about how to bring the heart back to their leadership styles, and the voices back to women in their organizations and relationships. On a personal note, Tina went to Hamline University for her undergrad and then attended Illinois State University for her Master's. She is also a proud Minnesotan who will happily pour on her accent when asked. Tina currently lives in Minneapolis with her extremely long last name and her obnoxiously adorable puppy, Sherri.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @tinaraevan
Twitter: @tinaraevan
Facebook: @tinaraevan

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Saturday Keynote

Supported by Rho Lambda

Purpose, Passion, and Protest: True Stories of Sorority & Fraternity Life!
presented by Hailey Mangrum and Matt Mattson

"You won't believe the drama on the next episode of True Stories of Sorority & Fraternity Life!" If our organizations' histories were a reality TV show, we'd all be on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the excitement, drama, and intrigue the lies at the genesis of our groups. But too many of us yawned our way through the history chapter of our joining process. And pretty much none of us have any idea why the other 150+ national, international, and local organizations that make up the fraternity/sorority world were started. Spoiler alert: It wasn't a cheesy reason (almost all of our groups have a powerful origin story!). Our stories have a relevance today that couldn't be more clear. We are almost all founded by purposeful people who were passionate, who were protesting, who were rising up, who were championing change, and who were truly about something. This session is a story about you... about us... about then... about now. People, purpose, passion and protest... on the next True Stories of Sorority & Fraternity Life!

Presenter Biographies:

Hailey Mangrum

Hailey Mangrum believes in the future of purpose-driven organizations. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she is dedicated to social justice, advocacy, and increasing cultural competence to foster inclusive environments. With experience working on college campuses in leadership programs, fraternity/sorority life, and experiential learning, she is committed to the interpersonal growth and development of students. She earned her bachelor's degree in communication from Western Michigan University and a master's degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Ball State University.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @ayehayhayy
Twitter: @ayehayhay


Matt Mattson

Matt Mattson has spent nearly 20 years helping sororities and fraternities grow as the president and co-founder of Phired Up and TechniPhi. Matt believes he was put on this planet to help people gather together to talk about the important stuff of life, and this work with fraternities and sororities is that life purpose in action. Matt is a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, he has a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations, and a master's degree in Education. He's authored a couple of books on fraternity/sorority growth, he's hosted a podcast, he's delivered two TEDx talks you can find online, and he's grateful to have gotten to work in this fraternity/sorority industry for two decades with his best friends.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @phiredupmatt
Twitter: @phiredupmatt

Sunday Keynote

Supported by Kappa Kappa Gamma


Who's in your corner? Are you in someone's? 
presented by Ashley Blaine Featherson

Whether you realize it or not, the people you surround yourself with each play a unique role in your life. In the moments of life where you feel exhausted, helpless, and doubtful of the direction you’re pursuing, your brothers, sisters, and siblings are there to support you. Featherson will focus on the importance of self-care and care for those in person or virtually around you, and its heightened impact in the time of social distancing/remote learning and working. Currently, we are operating under a "new normal" while everyone is experiencing feelings of separation and isolation all while navigating the Abolish Greek Life Movement, racial unrest, and a pandemic. Join Featherson as she shares her experiences, the good and bad, and why having a community of uplifting individuals has been the greatest weapon for her success.

Presenter Biography:

Ashely Blaine Featherson
Actress – “Dear White People” - Singer - Producer

Ashley Blaine Featherson is an actress, singer, and producer who currently stars in the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE. A force of talent on screen, Featherson brings that same level of passion and energy to her off-screen messages of empowerment, hard work, and self-discovery and acceptance.

Though she notes that positivity does not come easily, especially as a black actress, Featherson’s positivity is infectious and is felt in every interaction with her. She attributes her confident outlook on life due to divine alignment with her purpose: Changing the world through her artistry and serving as a resource for women of color.

After the DEAR WHITE PEOPLE debuted in 2017, Variety described Featherson as “pitch-perfect,” and TV Guide said the actress “is the comic force of the show.” In Volumes 2 and 3, Featherson continued to steal scenes and reviews. With her stunning cover of Erykah Badu’s classic, ‘Tyrone,’ she is also the only cast member featured on the soundtrack.

Recognizing a lack of mirrors for girls of color, Ashley co-created the groundbreaking web series HELLO CUPID alongside Emmy-winner Lena Waithe. Vulture selected HELLO CUPID as one of the best web series of 2014 and The Boston Globe went further, declaring the series, and Ashley, deserving of Emmys.

In 2019, Featherson again stood out and was hailed for her starring role in the Macro produced series, LEIMERT PARK, at Sundance. She also starred in Amber Tamblyn’s directorial debut, PAINT IT BLACK, the 2016 ABC pilot, DREW, and guest-starred in Fox’s GLEE.

Featherson received her BFA in musical theater from Howard University, and she currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.