2024 NGLA Keynote Addresses

NGLA is excited to announce Keynote Addresses for the 2024 NGLA Annual Conference in Hartford, CT from February 22 - 25, 2024!

Save the Dates: Registration and hotel room block opened on September 1. Applications for Student Staff, NGLA Awards, and NGLA Scholarships open on October 2.

Friday Keynote | February 23

Shifting Mindsets, Connecting Generations
presented by Dr. Mari Ann Callais and Emily Hines

Supported by Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

The aunt & niece duo of Dr. Mari Ann Callais and Emily Hines have been preparing for this collaboration their entire lives (well, at least Emily’s). Mari Ann and Emily have had many conversations where we hear one another but we don’t always agree. What we have experienced through years of discussing important topics is even though we may be members of both Generations X and Z, we have much to learn from one another.

Our keynote models how two women from different perspectives have learned to listen and find space to actually hear one another by taking the time to find our similarities. We will tell the story of how we came to this place of understanding, offer suggestions as to how your audience can take what we share and apply it to various aspects of their personal and professional experience, and bring true collaborative experiences to their lives.

Presenter Biography | Dr. Mari Ann Callais

Mari Ann has presented keynotes and workshops across North America for more than thirty years. She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Loyola University New Orleans and a Master’s of Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Research from Louisiana State University. Mari Ann served as national president for her sorority Theta Phi Alpha. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for Tri Delta.

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Instagram: dr.marianncallais
YouTube: @MariAnnCallais 
LinkedIn: Dr. Mari Ann Callais

Presenter Biography | Emily Hines

Emily began her speaking career as a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She has presented to thousands of donors and supporters of St. Jude. Emily earned an undergraduate degree from Rhodes College in 2022. Emily currently works for ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Emily is a proud member of Tri Delta. She currently serves as a Social Marketing Specialist for ALSAC/St. Jude.

Email: [email protected]


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Saturday Keynote | February 24

It Takes a Village presented by Qy'Darrius “Q” McEachern

We all can pinpoint specific moments in our lives where we reach a stark pivot point in our journey. Like where we think about life before and life after that specific moment.

Like before you met your lifelong best friend, and life after. 
Like before Beyoncè released Lemonade, the visual album, and life after.
Like before March 2020, and life after March 2020.

For Q, he had a few of those moments in college. The unexpected loss of his father and grandmother within 8 months of each other sent him into a spiral filled with depression, anxiety, and difficulty. In those worst times, it wasn’t “the grind,” his coursework, or his responsibilities as a student leader that helped him find peace again.

It was his village.
The village of people around him who helped him pick up the pieces and become whole again.
But this program isn’t about Q’s village only…
It’s about yours!


Presenter Biography:

Qy'Darrius Z. McEachern is a national speaker + consultant who strives to make his audiences feel positively uncomfortable during speaking engagements/consultations, as he believes that this is a learning feeling that drives growth + change. 

In addition, Q’s audiences will feel empowered + educated, as a means of creating sustainable change within their organization leading to higher retention and better organizational morale overall. Q helps members take meaningful steps towards fostering true belonging through justice focused work.

Through his Education, Action, and Accountability Framework, he aims to move people from simply ""listening & learning"" to taking ACTION & creating CHANGE in organizations nationwide.


Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @mceachernspeaks

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Closing Keynote | February 24 

Reroute: An Indirect Path To Your Greatest Dreams
presented by Jay Harris

Jay Harris anchors ESPN's legendary news and information show SportsCenter. He is at the very pinnacle of his career. But the path to get here hasn't always been easy. In his signature program, Reroute, Jay shares with you his personal and professional journey from a student leader and fraternity man at Old Dominion University to an Emmy Award-winning journalist at ESPN. Along the way, he discovered every great dream is achieved through a series of starts, stops, steps, and missteps. The message of this program will resonate with all students but is particularly important for those looking at life after college, who are beginning to explore their educational and career path.

Presenter Biography:

Jay Harris was born in Norfolk, Virginia, raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and raised professionally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While being husband to Stephanie and dad to Bryce and Tyra, finding time to play his bass guitar, work on his golf game, and do some public speaking, Jay is living his childhood dream: anchoring SportsCenter, one of the most popular television programs in history, and providing color and context to the greatest stories and highlights of the 21st century. His professional journey has brought him into the homes of millions as the host of SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, and others. He is at the very pinnacle of his career, and he has fun every day.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @JayHarrisESPN
TikTok: @JayHarrisESPN
Twitter: @JayHarrisESPN