NGLA College Panhellenic/IFC Academy FAQs

Where will the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy be held?

Pittsburgh, PA in conjunction with the NGLA conference, February 22-26, 2018

What is the Academy designed to do?

College Panhellenic and IFC Academy is about:
• Building relationships with members of your council and campus community.
• Evaluating your personal, community and sorority/fraternity experience.
• Educating officers on the most up-to-date Panhellenic/IFC knowledge.
• Defining expectations for your officer role and resources available to support your success.
• Collaborating with other attendees from your campus to create a plan for the advancement of fraternity and sorority.

Specifically, the National Panhellenic Conference and North-American Interfraternity Conference will focus on three main areas – (1) helping council officers understand the councils purpose, (2) officer track programming – nuts and bolts training of how to be effective in the job and (3) council and community goal setting.

When will the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy be held?

The program will begin Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m., prior to when the NGLA conference begins and remaining content will take place Friday during the regular NGLA conference, outside of major keynote and meal functions.

What specific officer tracks will be provided at the College Panhellenic and IFC Academies?

College Panhellenic Academy will provide the following (8) officer tracks: president, judicial officer, recruitment officer, communications/public relations officer, secretary/treasurer, scholarship officer, diversity/inclusion officer, and service/philanthropy officer.

IFC Academy will provide the following (8) officer tracks: president, judicial/risk management officer, internal operations (finance/secretary) officer, recruitment officer, public relations officer, scholarship officer, diversity/inclusion officer, and service/philanthropy officer.

Our intention is that every officer role be filled in order that we provide the most well-rounded training to every College Panhellenic/IFC.

What about the other council officers I bring to the conference?

We are only offering specific training related to College Panhellenic and IFC this year.

Will our students still attend major keynotes and meals with everyone else?

Yes. We have designed the curriculum around all major keynotes at the conference and all regularly scheduled meals (e.g. affiliation luncheon). We will not be programming into Friday evening so that your councils can still enjoy a meal together outside of the conference hotel if desired.

Can our students attend other breakout workshops?

Yes, they can attend breakout workshops, just not during the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy times.

If our council wants to be involved, how do we go about registering?

We welcome all interested campuses and individuals to participate. During the registration process, those registering will be asked if they wish to register for the conference or the conference and Academy. When they choose the drop down for Academy, they will be prompted to choose from the officer track for each attendee.

Registration is first-come, first-serve and will be limited to 150 participants.

What is the cost of participating?

The cost will be an additional $125/person over the NGLA conference registration fee.

What is the policy on refunds, cancellations, inclement weather, etc.?
Once registered, NGLA does not offer refunds or cancellations. The names of individuals attending from a delegation can be changed, but they cannot be transferred to another delegation, and conference fees will not be refunded.

Should both our Panhellenic and IFC councils attend?

Yes. In particular, we will be doing individual council and community goal setting toward the end of the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy program. Having both councils present is important to establishing the importance of fraternity/sorority community in collaboration and action planning.

What if only one council can attend?

The College Panhellenic and IFC Academy at NGLA are designed for both your College Panhellenic and IFC council to participate together. Since the program is designed to involve both councils, particularly in the council and community goal setting portion, having only one council attend will not realize the full impact of the program as there will be times set aside for councils to work together where one individual council would have nothing to do. However, if only one council from a campus can attend, they may do so.

If we can't fill every spot, can we send someone else on Panhellenic/IFC in their place?

Yes. We would ask that you send a representative from your delegation in place of the council member who cannot attend. Ideally, this should be an individual in a role related to the track s/he will attend. When not possible, alternates can be any council officer who is an interested and willing participant. The curriculum will be designed for that specific officer during the track programming portion of the program. It is less helpful and more distracting to have an uninterested participant who feels they are forced to be there. We would ask that you coach this participant on why they are attending (to gather the information and share it with the council officer who cannot attend) and ask them take notes so that the council officer would be able to understand the information even if they weren’t in attendance.

Can we still participate if we don't fill every council officer spot?

If you cannot fill the council officer spot with another willing participant, you still can participate. Please know that the council will not receive the full benefits of the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy as a result.

Can we send more than eight (8) people (Panhellenic)/eight (8) people (IFC) to the College Panhellenic and IFC Academy?

Campuses are able to send as many council officers as they choose, but there will only be officer track curriculum designed for individuals as previously indicated.

I’m the fraternity/sorority advisor (FSA), can I attend as well?

Yes. We ask that the FSA should be present for all general sessions to participate with their students. You are welcome to attend one of the officer training tracks if there is space available, but it's not required.