Local Greek Leadership Conference

Local Greek Leadership Conference

What is the LGLC?

The Local Greek Leadership Conference is dedicated to building a network among local Greek organizations. Founded by two local organizations at New Jersey Institute of Technology, we know the trials of being local. As local organizations, we do not have the pleasures of the national and regional conferences hosted by national governing bodies. This conference is dedicated to local organizations coming together and learning from one another. We have recieved speakers from national organizations, companies, universities and other Greek governing bodies. These speakers have come to give us ideas and advice on how to insure the growth of local organizations.

The purpose of the Local Greek Leadership Conference is to: 

  • To promote relationships between local sororites and fraternities
  • To give local organizations access to a conference and therefore workshops, networking, and resources
  • To create a network among these local organzations in which ideas may be exchanged to strengthen individual organizations beyond the conference


The Local Greek Leadership was the idea of Kappa Xi Kappa fraternity brother Nicholas Caravella and Sigma Psi Kappa Sorority sister Kellie Garrigan. With the help of the New Jersey Institute of Technology Greek Advisor Thea Schoenberg, Nicholas and Kellie started planning for the first ever Local Greek Leadership Conference in the Spring of 2010, hoping for the conference to be held in Novemeber of the same year. They hope that a local Greek Leadership Conference can be held for many years to come and become a way for Local Organizations to grow and network together, as well as as learn and lead their organizations while staying true to their unique value systems. The First Local Greek Leadership Conferene was held on November 13, 2010. Participation is open to all local Greek Organizations who wish to participate.


With feedback from fraternity and sorority members, the LGLC promotes these values:

Originality and Tradition

LGLC hopes to empower members to have pride and respect in themselves and their organization. We respect and value each groups uniqueness and will work to facilitate understanding and acceptance of our differences, as well as finding a way to share and learn from each other's experience.


LGLC wants to include all Local Organizations that wish to take part in the conference and will not discrimate against any organization who wishes to participate.


LGLC promotes learning through sessions dedicated to helping individial organizations grow and learn more about themselves, leadership, communication, resources available to them etc. Also for individual members to work on leadership development and personal achievement.


LGLC hopes to create a network in which local organizations can begin to depend on each other, learn from each other, and work together for common goals of all Greeks: Service, Leadership, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and Scholarship.
Read about the 2013 Local Greek Leadership Conference here.

Connect with us online at:

Twitter: @localgreekconf and use #LGLC2013

Facebook: /localgreeks

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